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The Amazing Race Asia Season 5
It was an adrenaline-pumping episode last week with all the teams rushing to the pit shop. Alphaeus & Brandon’s navigation mistake costs them the race while Yvonne & Chloe made it first to the pit stop. Only 8 teams remain in the Race, who do you support? Catch the all-new exciting episode of The Amazing Race Asia season 5 tonight at 9:00pm only on AXN.

The Amazing Race Asia season 5 airs every Thursday on AXN at 9:00pm first and exclusively on AXN (Astro Ch701) and AXN HD (Astro B.yond Ch721). For special behind-the-scenes scenes clips and extra footage of the Race, visit dating sims visual novels free or join the conversation on Facebook at TheAmazingRaceAsia / #AXNTARA

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